Monday, June 11, 2007

Picture Perfect Drop on Recall

I got a picture perfect drop on recall with Wyatt yesterday which was exciting. He usually creeps forward quite a bit. Doing the recall early seems to help for some reason. I think I will try to get the drop in good shape and really work on the group sit, our hardest thing by far. I feel like I will need some help on that one...


Alice said...

Hi John,

I have had good response on the drop by tossing Sam's favorite toy to him the moment he drops. He also seems to respond to the hand signal better than a voice command after all he is a sighthound.
And having said that, we NQ'd both days this weekend on the Drop on recall in Pensacola. Everything else was really good. We will be doing lot's more run-thru's and fun matches before our next try.

I have a friend with a Dobe that has sit problems. He starts sliding as soon as she is out of sight. Just recently she tried putting a walkie talkie behind him and giving him the sit command as he starts the slide. He immediatly sits straight up again.

Good luck,

John Heffernan said...

Good luck Alice with your own drops... The walkie talkie idea is interesting! I may try that!