Saturday, June 30, 2007

Tibby Chase Class

I went to Chicopee last night for an open/utility drop in class with Tibby Chase. Great class. Tibby has tons of ideas. Some are simple but make a huge difference. For example, she suggested saying "Come" right after Wyatt picks up the dumbbell. That increases his speed and motivation quite a bit. She gave me some things to try for the group sit too. I will write about that in another post. Wyatt was awesome at this class. I usually see a big drop in performance in class in Greenfield but not in Chicopee. It was small - 4 dogs and quiet and I warmed him up really good. I saw maybe 5% drop here from at home. He impressed everyone with his jumps especially and also his scent discrimination which I did after class. This class is a bit farther for me but it was well worth it. His heeling was right on too besides the slight lag I get for fast (which I also get at home). We are doing a private lesson Monday.

It gives me hope that we can get through open and onto utility some day. At least now I have a strategy and plan for the sit problem. I would hate to see that isse stop him. He can definately get a UD if we can get through open.

I did learn that his jumpo height will be 22. I thought it was 16. I guess I was reading the 3/4 breeds. I am not too worried about the high jumps but the broad jump I will have to practice with him and make sure he has enough room to get running start. He is a great jumper in agility so I guess I should not worry...

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