Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stays In Trials/Stays at Home

I am starting to admit that we also have a stay problem at home. Though certain situations are good (waiting for his dinner), others are not good such as when we eat dinner. Last night in agility class, I also was practicing stays. He was good during walk throughs (at least in a down) but lousy waiting around near me (he seemed to be obsessing over the cheese in my pockets). So perhaps I can do more at home and in class and see if it carries over. Also, he is lifting his butt when practicing at home which I understand is an NQ (though his butt doesn't even touch the ground normally in a sit!). It almost seems like I need to start all over. I have been not rewarding the sit if he lifts/shifts his rear end. I used to mark it (uttt) and carry on.
I am thinking of doing a private lesson with Tibby Chase on this issue. Since his drop on recall is now pretty good, the groups sits and stays are the last thing...

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