Saturday, August 04, 2007

Drop On Recall and Group Sit Progress

I went to Tibby Chase's open/utility drop in class this week. Once again, great class with lots learned. The highlight was seeing how Wyatt was going on drop on recall. He did a really nice drop, much like the good ones I have been seeing at home. Tibby said it was great and would only result in a 1/2 off in terms of creeping. The instructors emphasize the instant and total drop so much, I was not sure if it was ready or not. Except for the group sit, he is about ready to try in open. On that, I had him do a one minute sit on leash right in front of me and he was rock solid. So I am continuing to work on a relaxed sit at home. Tibby showed me a way to get the dog comfortable with sitting by giving lots of treats while you add some stress by touching the dog. Then you work up to sits by your side and then sits in front and then add distance and other dogs. It will take a while but I do now have hope for the group sit. Wyatt was hesitant to get the dumbbell when I Tibby was close by (I had to do a multiple "find it" command so we will work on that too. In utility, he is having some issues with scent discrimination all of a sudden so I have reduced the number of articles and made it less formal and am working back up.

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