Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Long Sit

With the exception of the long sit and down, we seem to be ready to trial in open. In working with Tibby Chase, she suggested that we first get Wyatt really comfortable with the sit by treating him as I touch him on the chest and back and by then working with on leash sits by my side. The next step has been sits with me in front of him working up to four minutes and making sure they are rock solid and without a lot of the shifting around and resitting of the past. Well, we have now worked up to 4 minutes with me in front and my next step is add distance. I am wondering what I should if he does start shifting and/or going down again? I can back up in my training (go back to being closer to him) but what about in the moment?

Some other things I have been wondering.

For go outs, what is the next step after doing go outs at a long distance? Combine with the sit? Fade the target? When I tried to do some without the target, Wyatt got confused and started looking back at me as if to say "Where's the cheese?"

I am going to write to Tibby and ask her and will report back here.

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