Sunday, August 05, 2007

Rally and Conformation Saturday

A friend asked me to show his bitch in open conformation totally spur of the moment because he had a conflict with a paid client. I reminded him I had little experience but he said to go for it. I did not feel much pressure but this bitch Tilly must have been in heat or close to it because Patriot kept trying to mount her (and almost succeeding) right outside the ring! I only had a little kid to hold Patriot who is pretty strong so it that was interesting! Patriot seems to like those Mariki bitches because he has bred 2 others (almost 3 - I wonder if anyone has shown a dog and a bitched "locked together".)

I did a decent job with the bitch and did everthing for the judge pretty well (she moved well for me) and stacked pretty well. Anyway, the judge liked her and put her up first for 1 point. What a little thrill you get when they put you in the front of the line. My first show points in my second time showing! That was fun.

So I had to decide between Tilly and Patriot for BOB. A nice lady who also showed in open bitches agreed to show Tilly. Patriot was terrible at point and very distracted with Tilly. On the go around, he was sniffing her trail, head down when he could. The judge was right there after I put him on the table (he was first) and I did not have time to stack him great. The judge asked me if he had ever been measured and he is well under the limit so that made me wonder about the judge. Anyway, I did not show him that well. He got BOS but was the only dog and Tilly got BOB. I will have to do a better job keeping him away from the girls in the future. I guess you can show a dog in heat. That suprised me.

Patriot and Dawn got their RN Saturday which was nice since they don't do rally that often.

Wyatt was in Rally Exc B and Rally Advanced B. We are trying for our RAE and he had 2 double Q's already.

It was a bit hectic with conflicts with breed but we had a great baby sitter on site with us so that helped a lot. Wyatt went first. He did OK in Exc B but not as good as he usually does and we squeaked by with a 73. He definately does better indoors and in cooler weather where we have been scoring in the 90s. We got an 80 in Advanced B so we did earn another RAE leg. Maybe I did not proof him enough. I usually do more run thrus with treats only a the end before a trial. Also, I did not bring his favorite treat cheese (I did bring in but it would have melted in my pocket with the heat. But we managed a double Q. 7 more to go!

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