Friday, August 24, 2007

Utility Tips

I received this tips for Wyatt and me when we took a private lesson with Tibby Chase. It was very helpful and I have been practicing some of these changes already.


Give signal, wait, and then give verbal command – not at the same time! That way you can fade the verbal command. I was giving the signal and command at the same time.
Use come signal that I have not used in a while, forward motion to chest.
Can Wyatt see my sit command or is it too much in front of my body?
Use barrier? He tends to anticipate a down too much from drop on recall training.
Note that there is no sit before the stand for signals.

Scent Discrimination

Go closer to the gloves if the dog is having a problem.
Can also reduce the number of articles and put them farther apart.
You can also keep playing by using the same scented article. I used to always do only one leather and one metal article.
Proof this wherever you can!
If the dog makes a mistake, don’t reward but also don’t correct. I used to use my “oops” word and have him try again. Now I just take the incorrect article and try again.
Use a chair to get the dog used to having the articles nearby and behind him.


Don’t worry about position number 2 initially.
Our left pivot really needed work, which I was not aware of. I was doing a rally left finish with me moving a lot and Wyatt waiting and then coming into position. You have to pivot as a team on an imaginary pie plate. Warm up with some left turns then practice pivoting by using luring. You put your left foot in front of the dog and lure him by turning your hand outward as you pivot.
Keep your hand level for your signal. Also, I was doing this incorrectly. It is one movement not two. I was giving him a watch command, waiting for him to see the glove, and then moving my hand and saying find it. It is supposed to be one continuous movement of the hand.
You can put a treat on the glove. I never did this and he seems to be fine without it.
Look at the glove and not at the dog. I was looking at the dog.
Note: I made these changes without difficulty with the exception of the left pivot, which we are still working on.

Directed Jumping

Keep the 3 parts separate initially (the go out, the turn and sit, and the jumping).
Combine the go out and the turn first.
Add distance to your go out as soon as possible.
Using a target on the far gate, the dog should lock in visually to the target before going out.
You can move in close to gate and just practice the turn and sit part.
Give your “come” command while the dog is still licking the cheese.
Note that the sit is a verbal command only, no signal. I was using a signal too.
Start with jumps close together. Lead dog carefully through the jumps, have the dog do a front, put the dog in a stay, and gradually separate the jumps.
Note that you pivot while the dog is in the air.

Moving Stand

Wyatt does this very well but can be fearful of strangers. Get loads of people to examine him while treating him.

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