Thursday, October 11, 2007

Class Tonight

I am planning on going to obedience class tonight. Big test will be the long sits and downs. Wyatt has been doing 3 minute out of sight sits at home, which is great. I started on the downs last night. I usually don't even practice these since there this seems to be his preferred, safe position and he used to have a big problem going down on sits with other dogs around. Last night, I tried a 3 minute out of sight down and he stood up. I went down to one minute and he was fine. Note that I don't do the down after the sit but keep it separate so there is no anticipation. I am not too worried about the down which I beleive I can fix but am curious if he will do the out of sight in class. It used to be that he would go down from the sit in sight and he's not doing THAT at class so I guess I should not worry too much.

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