Monday, October 15, 2007

Quick Update

Wyatt had trouble last week at obedience class with the group sits. He stood up a few times when I was out of sight and was a little antsy and shifting around. We tried to do too much too fast. It is probally good that he stood though and did not go down like he used to. Finally, I just left him straight out and turned my back for 30 seconds and he was fine. He has been doing 3 minutes out of sight at home. I started to try downs again. I did not practice them for a long time since he was fine and I did not want him to anticipate the downs during the sit. He now sits during the down! So I backed up on that too and am staying close and in sight and doing shorter times. Tibby recommended alternativing sits and down on different days. I decided we are not ready to enter open yet until the sits and downs are really good at class. The good news is everything else is great and I did some amazing proofing at an agility trial this weekend where he did dumbells, gloves, heeling, scent discrimination off leash in the center aisle. I chaired the trial so I could get any with practicing is such as busy spot off leash! We noticed in class that Wyatt will go down if someone else (not me) yells down really loud so I will have to proof that at some point.

We had a bad contact bad Saturday at our CPE agility trial but had a good day yesterday and we got one precious standard Q and one jumpers Q. 3 more standard Q until our championship. I am entered in 4 this weekend so we have a shot. I would be happy with 2 though. I was sleepy Saturday and Sunday I was able to really focus on what was happening in contacts. If he gets ahead of me, I need to call him and talk to him I think and get his attention. If I am ahead of him, looking at him and turned when I need him to stop seems to help. Last year, he had perfect contacts at our home arena but not this year. Go figure.

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