Sunday, October 07, 2007

CPE Trial Last Weekend

I did a CPE trial last weekend. They had 2 standards each day starting first thing in the morning so I just went up to try and get some standard Q's. Before the weekend, Wyatt needed 5 standard Qs for his C-ATCH. We had contact problems Saturday on the first run. The second run was really nice but he did not get the dogwalk contact which was the second to last obstacle. Tough after such a nice run. I ran Patriot too but did not Q on Saturday. Not my best day.

Sunday was much better. I got 2 nice Qs with Patriot. He runs consistently and steadily. I can't get any speed out of him on the weaves though he does go much faster at home. I have to remember to wait for him and race him out of tunnels. Unlike Wyatt, you have to cheer him a long and not get too far ahead. Wyatt had a great first run but again blew the last contact, a dogwalk. I walked him off the course without comment or a treat figuring he really does know his job now and I can't reward him anymore for behavior I don't want. I think I need to put some responsibility on him no matter so that he knows he can do the job no matter where we are and what is going on. We Qd on the next standard run. He stopped on the dogwalk though it was a bit high and he released from there the judge was kind or he got a toe nail. But I think this will be a good strategy for us. I need to at least see an attempt to stop - no more leaping off. He was definately expecting the cheese after the first run.

We now need four more standard Qs. I have a trial next weekend at our home arena and then a trial with 4 standards the weekend after that so we should be able to pick up a few more (at least!)...


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