Monday, June 08, 2009


We ended up with 8 level C (the hardest level - no faults) qualifying runs (Qs) for the CPE Nationals. I got 4 with Wyatt and 4 with Patriot. I was hoping for a few more but was happy with that. We missed a few by just a little bit. Patriot was over time 6 seconds in a nice standard run. It got hot quickly and I did not hose him down. We had 2 beatitul snooker opening sneaker but they both got the wrong end of the number 3 obstacle (sure sign of a hanlder problem.) I really blew the last colors run with Patriot by not running my plan and improvising my running on the outside. Highlights were Sunday's very difficult standard course with Wyatt and a really nice jumpers run with Wyatt - another tough course. I felt that by Sunday I was handling better and trusting Wyatt more and being more relaxed. Had a bunch of weave faults, which are generally stress related. Also forgot my contact handling support behaviors on Friday's first run.

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