Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Distance Work

The distance work class I have been taking has been great. I finally feel like we are making real progress. NADAC Elite Chances Qs now seem possible. I see now that Wyatt has been ready but my handling was getting in the way. How many times have I said that?!? I just set up something at home where Wyatt did the whole course with me layering two obstacles. Here are the things that have really helped us.

1) Keep your hand out level and not up in the air.
2) Don't pump your hand and shout "Out, out, out" in concert with your hand. This was a specialty of mine!
3) Draw a line with your hand of where you want your dog to go. This really seems to work miracles!
4) Your dog is going to come into you if you run parallel without any pressure to keep your dog out. So verbals can do that or a "go on" command and, most importantly, running towards the line (putting pressure on the dog's line.)
5) Since Wyatt did not always respect my pressure/line, we found that I needed to step suddenly into his line to put additional pressure to take a obstacle farther out especially if the inner obstacle is a tunnel.

Thanks to Lynn Smitley for showing me all this!


Jules said...

That's super exciting. Does Lynn do seminars? :-)

John Heffernan said...

Once in a while. If I hear of any, I'll try and remember to forward to you. Also, she does private lessons.

Jules said...

Thanks, I would appreciate that!