Sunday, June 14, 2009

First Elite Chances Q!

Thanks to all. Chances is a NADAC game where there are 3 challenges in Elite - distance, discrimination, and direction. They put a big line of tape on the ground where you can not cross. So you run the sequenced course but you have to direct your dog partner from a distance including helping them discriminate between different obstacles that are close together. Anyway, with Elite, obstacles are 20 + feet from the tape. So, it's pretty hard.

You need 13 qualifying run for your NADAC championship. You also need 13 in jumpers (we have a bazillion of those) and you need 23 in regular (which is what we usually think of as a standard agility course.) We have 7 or 8 regular Qs and those are coming now that Wyatt has fairly reliable. But, until today, we had never received a Elite Chances Q after trying for at leats one year. I was thinking we might never get our championship but this gives me a of hope. We had some near Qs last year but I realized I need help and I am now taking a class in distance work/chances. It appears to be helping!

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