Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Out Command

I had a really tough time with Wyatt practicing the out command using a jump heading into a 180 tunnel. He tends to want to go to the near side unless I really get in his path. The "out, tunnel" command seems to not be well understood by him and I am also not sure he is reading/respecting my line. If I use one jump I can push him out but with a tire and a jump, he gets too far ahead and does not seem to read my line. I got frustrated but realized later that I really need to back up and be sure he understands what I want. I have never been consistent with my cues for this so I can't blame him. Pointing the line did seem to help. I do thik that he understands "out" when there is a single obstacle. This worked on out Chances run Sunday. I am going to back up to 2 jumps and also separate the obstacles more. The tunnels ends were probably too close too.


Nancy said...

We have trouble with the "out" command as well, esp with the contact/tunnel discriminations where Stewie is ahead of me. I think I practice with the obstacles too close at home also. I paced some of the obstacles last weekend, and they were 8 paces apart, so I am going to use that distance in practice as well.
Keep practicing!
Nancy and Stewie

John Heffernan said...

I noticed today that all NADAC obstacles are 18-21 feet apart. That's about 10 paces for me, I believe.

John Heffernan said...

10 is too much. I know from tracking that 12 paces is 10 yards so 18-21 feet would be 6-7 paces.