Wednesday, February 01, 2006

10 Best Dog Training Habits

As an elementary school teacher, I am required by law to always state things positively. Hence, as a balance to my 10 Worst Dog Training Habits, here are my 10 Best Dog Training Habits.

1) I work Wyatt at least twice a day.
2) I study different methods and try and find the best one for Wyatt and me.
3) I help out at trials, class, and help my various dog clubs.
4) I back up or quit if things are not going well.
5) I take the long view and don't just go for a Q (anymore).
6) I use only positive training methods.
7) I proof whenever I can.
8) I focus intently on solving hard training problems patiently over a long period of time.
9) I enjoy training.
10) I try to suggest or share my experiences rather than lecturing others.

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