Sunday, February 05, 2006

Latest Agility Trial

We had a good weekend at the AKC trial in West Springfield. Wyatt earned his NA and one Open Jumpers leg. We had a great jumpers run today. We got 2 refusals at the weaves before he smoked them but the rest of the run was fabulous and included a tricky serpentine into a pinwheel.

They had run throughs Friday night. I did 4 runs even though my ankle was killing me. It seems to be fine now.

Some things I learned this weekend.

1) Don't lean down and try and baby sit contacts. Keep my shoulders forward. Do keep verbal and eye contact turning head but not shoulders (just like obedience).

2) Really watch what he is exposed to before the run. Keep stimulation to a minimum. On the first run of the weekend, I did not watch the surrounding well enough and had him in a high stimulation area and he blew 2 contacts.

3) Give him room before weaves sending him ahead with a go ahead command quickly catching up once he gets the entrance.

Dawn and Patriot had a super weekend earning 3 of 3 Q's and a fourth place with some really nice, clean runs.

Here are the boys resting up this morning.

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