Sunday, February 19, 2006

Generalizing for Dogs and Humans

While leadership is an issue for many teams, I think people are quick to overgeneralize it as the cause of all dog issues. Cesar Milan is the worst offender.

Stress is a big cause of lack of attention. So frequently people don't proof enough (or at all) and then expect their dog to perform just like home. If they don't, they are considered to be blowing off the handler. Often, the handler gets angry and uses harsh corrections or a harsh tone with their already stressed dog.

Imagine how that might be in terms of the dog's experience.

Also, half the time the handler is acting different because he or she is stressed out and that can confuse the dog too! Yet again, many assume the dog is at fault.

Humans tend to overgeneralize and dogs undergeneralize. So we need to help them transfer their skills to different settings and not assume (overgeneralize) they are blowing us off.

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