Friday, February 17, 2006

Broad Jump Problem

Wyatt is doing great in our open class. He is getting much more confident at retrieving and healing in the class atmosphere.

One interesting issue that came up involves the broad jump. At home, we have plastic broad jumps. The tops have little holes in them. In class, they are solid and made of wood. Wyatt is either going around or walking on the top or through the jumps in class if I am facing the jumps. If I act like they are agility jumps and face forward, he is fine.

Is it the jumps or just stress? Does he just need to generalize the jumps in class?

I may bring my jumps in next week to see if it is the equipment. If it is, I may build some wooden jumps.


Pangaea said...

Perhaps it's neither the jumps themselves or stress. Could it be that he just doesn't completely understand the exercise yet? The obedience broad jump is a completely different exercise because you are facing the jumps. When Wyatt is going over the broad jump in agility you are facing forward and indicating forward motion, whether you are moving or not. Have you tried adding a small jump over the broad jump? Or putting hardware cloth on top?

Feel free to tell me to shut up if this is all stuff you've already tried! After all, I'm just a "fledgling" too.

John Heffernan said...

Could be but he does it at home when I am facing the jumps...