Sunday, April 16, 2006

CPE Contacts

Just a quick note as we just got back from our CPE trial in Vermont.

Wyatt did great again on his contacts. Not perfect but I am very pleased. He does seem to have trouble on the first run of the day. Luckily, at this trial, there were games first that I could go back and do the same contact again. Though he was in the yellow zone, he did not wait to be released so I took him back.

Wyatt got 2 of his hardest Q's - standard level 3 ( first place) and wildcard (2nd place). He finished his CPE level 3 title and got a level 4 wildcard. He now needs only one more level 4 wildcard (and 4-5 standards) to finish level 4. I am very encouraged. I believe the work we have recently done on our releases has made the difference.

He got one other Q in snooker (2nd place). It was an easy course so I really went for it trying to get the absolute maximum number of points (27+25=52). The "7" was a tunnel jump combo that was close to the reds. We got all the 7's in our opening and started the closing sequence. Great contact on 4 (A-frame), I had to restart the weaves once, but we were really moving to 7. He did the tunnel and I thought we had it but the whistle blew about 1 foot before the final jump! So close but I was really glad we went for; it was a lot of fun and something to remember.

He had one big dogwalk jump off this morning but I believe it was because the judge blew the whistle really loud. He jumped off the middle of the dogwalk right when the whistle blew. Something I am going to proof for but I think it was abnormal. That is one thing I have learned with him; he is a sensitive dog and even more so at a trial so I have had to really proof against sudden noise and movement so he does not release early.

Our standard run today was exciting as he did great on all 3 contacts with 2 on, 2 offs and waiting for a release. I held the release a bit and gave him a clear release word. There were weaves at the end after a couple of jumps. I did not even cue him as we went screaming into the weaves and finishes them perfectly.

I hope everyone had a great weekend trialing or at home with your dogs. See you at the Whippet National Agility Trial!

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