Friday, April 21, 2006

Wyatt of Dodge City, CD

I am pleased to report that Wyatt finishing his companion dog title today! He was a little nervous and was lagging a bit but did everything else without a problem. He did hesitate quite a bit before coming during the recall but did come after about 5 seconds. They always put novice right next to the busy aisle for some reason in Springfield. No problems during the long sits and downs. He ended up with decent score of 183.5.

The judge was a very tall guy with a booming voice but he had a good feel for dogs and let the dog sniff him as they came in.

He also got his first rally advanced leg with a fourth place. We barely qualified (170) but it was good practice. I rushed in for the end of the walk though and was a bit discombobulated and made some handler errors. Wyatt was sitting at almost a 90 degree angle too for some left turns so I had so go back and get some better sits. Also, I paused, confused, at a 270 and lost 10 points there. But it was good to get some practice for Sunday. We are heading to the whippet national today for lure coursing, agility, obedience, rally, conformation, and Wyatt will also be in the parade of rescues.

Wyatt is now: Whippet Wyatt of Dodge City, SC, NA, NAJ, CD, RN, OJC, CL3, CL4-S, CL5-F, CGC “Wyatt”

He finished his CPE level 3 title last weekend.


Pangaea said...

Congratulations on Wyatt's CD!! You've both worked so hard and I'm happy to hear that it all came together for you.

John Heffernan said...