Tuesday, April 25, 2006

National Update

We are at the American Whippet Club National Specialty. Wyatt had a decent novice A run going but went down on his sit. The judge choose not to use the mats. He actually did a down instead of sit even setting him up and I struggled a bit to get him back up and sitting. I saw that his pads were slipping when he was in a sit even warming up and he tends to lie down on carpet.

We had a very nice rally advanced A run. I had trouble with the pivot left last week but practiced heavily before we went on and we fudged our way though it. I made 2 mistakes that cost some point. I forgot to pause on the Halt, Sit, Down before proceeding and I ran to the finish line at the end. She only took 1 off for that but that was 11 easy points. However, we ended up with an 85 and a first place.

We crashed and burned (literally) in agility yesterday as Wyatt had a lot of trouble gauging the triple jump. He landed on top of the third (highest bar) and we limped off. I rested him and he seems fine so we did jumpers but he crashed again, this time landing on his back. So he has been limping off and on. I think he will be OK. Definitely need to practice that triple jump. We don't have one at home or in class and we see them rarely, if ever, in CPE and NADAC. We had a great jumpers run going too and were about 75% through. Wyatt really runs his heart out for me. We get a lot of firsts and a lot of NQ's.

Patriot is really cleaning up. He got his CD, OA, and OAJ this weekend and is currently leading the triathlon competition by 1 point. We are very nervous! The judge is a real unknown. But Patriot's breeder is one of the best handlers in the country and is going to show him for us.


Alice said...

A big congratulations on the CD, OA, and OAJ! What an exilarating feeling that must be, and all at the National! WOW!
-- Alice

Pangaea said...

Oh my!! More congrats on Patriot's new titles!! And what better place than your Natl. Just wonderful.

I hope Wyatt is okay.