Thursday, April 13, 2006

Wyatt's Story

My wife Dawn rescued Wyatt at a hard time in our lives. I did not think it was the right time to get a dog but Dawn persisting despite, shall we say, strong opposition. I had always had cats and thought dogs were too needy.

He was one year old when Dawn rescued him. “He has not done one thing wrong while in foster care,” the rescuer said, as Dawn watched him counter surf the kitchen.

He paced around our house non-stop for about a month. We worked through one year of separation anxiety issues with him but the thing that helped him the most was getting his confident house brother Patriot.

Wyatt is full or character, life, and mischief! When going out to do his business, he will jump over jumps and gallop just because they are there. He loves to play Frisbee and tug and acts more like a border collar at times. He is also a watchdog and barker when on red alert. Clearly, Wyatt did not read the breed book sections on whippets.

We did some research online and found about whippet racing. We trained Wyatt for a year but he was never able to race. The stimulation of the box was too much for him to run cleanly. But he courses successfully, does obedience, rally, and agility. People are amazed at his drive and jumping ability. He is a top jumpers dog (even across all breeds) and is well on his way to a jumpers championship. Wyatt also loves obedience, especially, you guess it, jumping and retrieving. He recently received a score of 190.5 in novice obedience. He also loves scent discrimination and will whine to be let go to get the object. My goal is a UD (Utility Dog) , a CPE agility championship, and a TD (Tracking Dog) for Wyatt, which would make him one of the first group of whippets to get a VCD (Versatile Companion Dog Title). He is a very smart dog to excel so much despite all the mistakes I make as a novice handler.

Wyatt seems to have forgotten who rescued him and is now a real daddy’s boy now and loves to sleep on my lap, do agility and obedience, or go for runs in the woods with me and Patriot. He may not have the best conformation but he is full or heart and love for life!

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