Thursday, September 07, 2006

Dog Fight!

Wyatt and Patriot got into and inadvertent dog fight last night. My wife accidentally dropped a book on Wyatt. [They sleep on separate dog beds next to our bed.] He yelped, stood up, and got tangled in his blanket. My wife tried to untangle him and he ended up stepping on Patriot. One or both them must have thought they were under attack and they went after each other. Wyatt got the worst of it (all of it, actually) and sustained a bad cut under his right eye. The vet said he would heal faster and better with stitches so she stitched him up using an injectable anesthetic. One always worried with sighthound and anesthetics but he came out fine. Those e-collars are terrible but we either watch him or have him wear it when we can't watch him. He was very fearful and freaked out yesterday. I just hope he bounces back quickly emotionally and makes up with his "brother". They seem pretty OK with each other but Wyatt is more reserved than usual with Patriot. What a terrible thing to see your beloved pet suffering.

I cancelled him for agility this weekend - a trial I really wanted to do but it is for the best.

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