Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Run Thrus

We went to some agility run thrus yesterday. It was tough because we had a busy weekend and had the baby on top on that we went and had a good time. It IS harder to run when you are tired.

Wyatt missed dogwalk and teeter contacts on the first 2 run thrus. The dogwalk and teeter were very low and I think that was the problem. In the third run through, I gave him more verbal and body language support and he was fine. In class and at home, I don't say "Spot and Tip It" anymore and don't give him the finger up (hold it) command. But I think he needs it at trials and in a new setting. That was a good lesson! Another explanation is that he was wired for the first 2 run. But I think it was the former especially since it is very rare that he flies off teeters anymore.

He did great A-frames all day with perfect 2 on, 2 offs. We had some problem with a sharp onside weave entry all day - something to work on. Off side is always much better.

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