Friday, September 29, 2006

NADAC Results

I have been remiss in reporting our NADAC trial last weekend. Wyatt and I attending a NADAC trial on Saturday only.

First up was elite jumpers where Wyatt had an off course. A beginning jump sequence turned in a semi-circle. Instead of turning Wyatt went way out to another jump in a straight line. I needed to turn him sooner I think. It was also our first run and he seemed to really want that jump but I need to really see these possible off courses during the walk throughs.

In our first elite regular (standard) run, Wyatt jumped off the end of the dogwalk. I took him back and he did it again so I took him back for the third time and he did a nice 2 on, 2 off so we left the course with a lot of praise. The course had a distance weave pole challenge (which we never got to) so I did not have a lot of confidence we would qualify. We have been working on weaves at a distance but it looked like it would be hard for us.

For the next elite standard run, I thought it was very doable. We have not yet got our first elite standard Q after 5 tries, so I thought this might be the one. Sure enough, we have great 12 weaves at the start and got all 3 contacts but, again, I assumed that he would go up the dog walk (there was a tunnel on the far side of the dogwalk), and he needed more cuing. It was still a great run though and I was very happy.

We qualified in open tunnellers finishing that title with a really nice, fast run. I tried to give him more distance but still need to trust him more to work far away from me in tunnelers. He had one wide turn that cost us sometime.

We also qualified in open chances with another dogwalk tunnel discrimination challenge, this time going for the outside tunnel. There were 2 points in this course that I knew would be hard. The cool part was that at both points, he looked back at me for more information where there was a choice to make and I was able to signal him to the correct obstacle.

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