Monday, July 17, 2006

CPE Trial

We had a good CPE trial this weekend. Wyatt got 4 of 7 Q's including our first (clean) level 4 standard Q. As we get into level 5 with some level 4, it feels good to be closing in on our C-ATCH (championship). Wyatt finished up his level 5 Snooker so he has 3 games completed with 3 more games to finish and lots of standard Q's. I don't think he has a missed contact all weekend although he is still not performing them as well as he does at home and in class. I had some weave entry troubles with weekend as well as some handling error caused by sleep deprivation from our new baby boy. Aidan was a big hit at the trial. We were very grateful to all those who held him while we ran.

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