Sunday, July 02, 2006


We had another good day picking up 3 Q's with a placement in each (2 firsts and a third). Wyatt earned his novice weavers title. He Q'ed twice in weavers and once in regular (standard). He missed a contact (A frame) in chances but got the gamble. He missed the a frame again in his first regular run and also the weaves, which were part of the gamble part of regular. We don't practice weaves at a distance much (I will now!) so I was pleased that he actually got through about 7 before pulling out. His last regular run was real good with 2 very good contacts. His A Frame is still not where I want it; he went for 2 on 2 off but still released a tad early. Tomorrow we have 2 touch and go's and 2 regulars so that will be 4 runs to practice our contacts.

Wyatt is now: Wyatt of Dodge City, CD, RN, SC, NA, NAJ, NAC, NGC, OJC, TN-N, WV-N, CL3, CL4-S, CL5-F, CGC

I bought a cool photo of him jumping but I can't scan it on the road but will post it later.

I hope everyone is having a great 4th of July.

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