Friday, July 07, 2006

Wyatt in Rally and Obedience

We went down to the Big E today for rally and obedience. There were a lot of scrathes in OB (Novice B) so I kind of rushed in. Wyatt was pretty distracted. As usual, they put novice next to the aisle in the worst possible place. We did everything OK but was lagging quite a bit and missed some sits. He also anticipated the finish in the recall. We ended up with a 175 not counting the group exercises. He went down pretty quickly on the sit. I then had trouble getting to sit long enough for the down but the judge gave it to us. He seems to want to go down when he is nervous. Kind of funny too. He was on the end during the down and a little bit on the cement and scootched over enough during the long down to get onto the mat. Too bad there are no cuteness points. I felt discouraged but when I saw our score I felt better. We would have Q'ed if not for the sit. I don't think I should show there anymore though; it is just too hard of a place for him.

One ring over in Rally, he did much better. Being able to talk to him makes a huge difference. He got a 91 and his final Rally Advanced leg. I made one handler error that cost us 3 points so he only got 6 points off for some slow/crooked sits.

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