Thursday, July 13, 2006

Weaves at a Distance

We recently hit a distance challenge in NADAC that involved weaves, which is something I had not trained. So I set up a little racetrack with jumps on the sides and weaves at each end. If you go one way, you get on side entries and if you go the other way, you get off side entries. Wyatt has always been better off site but he has been progressing on doing weaves on site with this setup. As he gets better, I stay closer and closer to the middle of the course. It was been neat to see the distance and correct entries progress. By the way, he tended to enter between poles 2 and 3 onside previously if I was too far away.

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Gef said...

In the day and age where people are so secretive I really appreciate you sharing your true thoughts.

Sean Cody